The dwellinart Garden st. Saga began in January of '07 and ended by eviction on Nov 14th 2007.

What follows is a pictorial collage of the events, news articles and letters to the editor.

To heal myself I spent the following year writing a screen play

and my life long mission to create and maintain individuality within society

and the next four years editing it to live and dance freely within freedom.

Perhaps my journey emboldens yours...

freebegodo Script..... First 7 pages of 104 pages........ freebegodo is a documentary/drama based on multiple News Articles published in San Luis Obispo and twenty plus years of experiences excerpted from my journals writing about surviving my parents abuse, spousal abuse, spiritual abuse, social abuse, war abuse, material success abuse, my own child's abuse, my self abuse… abuse upon abuse and yet at each stage I found a new way to thrive!. . . When the Corporate Trifecta of the City / Westpac / Laguna Lake Partners finally succeeded in evicting me, I again turned to aloneness, homelessness and my journals, writing scene after swirling scene as they welled up like shotgun blasts. Shuffling them into a structured story line became my healing process. I present freebegodo to the world as an addition to the lexicon of the call to freedom, to empower others to overcome their own chains of abuse, to set their own selve(s) freebegodo….


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This is the facade that I created with the " blessings of my business neighbors "

that a San Luis Obispo city employee in the building / planning departments filed an

" Anonymous Complaint" against.


This is the help poster I posted in my window and emailed to the New Times, The Tribune and KSBY.




These are the news articles and some of the public comment.



This is the 1st article


This is the 2nd article

and the

beginning of taking it to the

community via the

" Funky Facade Fracas " Contest




Public Comment










" Funky Facade Fracas " Organization Poster


" Russell Seacat "

Winner of the Funky Facade Fracas contest ( 007)

and he chose to be the " Shape Shifter " and the " Triple F Jester ".

The Shape Shifter draws up the new facade plans.

The Jester is the one who submits the new facade to SLO City planning /building dept's.


The Last Article.